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Junos 2021

Monday, June 14, 2021

Everyone knows that the Junos are basically Canada’s version of the Grammy’s, but did you know how the Junos came to be? Back in 1964, RPM Magazine started to poll Canadians to see who their favorite music groups and artists were. These results would then get announced each December in the magazine. Sometime after this started, Stan Klees, who owned record labels such as Tamarac Records and Red Leaf Records in the 1960s, got together with the founder of RPM, Walt Grealis, and the two... Read More >>

reckless by jj wilde / an overhead shot of a dining room table that is in chaos. Photographs, used dishes, drugs, roses, books, booze and dying house pants contribute to the mess. Reckless by JJ Wilde

Rock Album of the Year

After Hours by The Weekend / The Weekend stands with his head tilted back, a smile on his face, with a cut on his nose and blood running down his face, his teeth bloody, his lip bruised After Hours by The Weekend

Single of the Year/Album of the Year/Artist of the Year/

Songwriter of the Year/ Contemporary R&B Recording of the Year

Pray for it by July Talk / a black and white photo of a parking garage, with a shirtless male swan diving off the edge Pray For It by July Talk

Best Alternative Album

saskadelphia by the tragically hip / on a steel grey field is a photograph of a man walking a dog on a leash through a trailer park. Beneath the photo, in scrabble tiles, the word Saskadelphia is spelled out Saskadelphia by The Tragically Hip

Juno Humanitarian Award