Library Services Centre

A Partner Not a Supplier

Our clients are our owners.  As such, we strive to make working with LSC as easy as possible.


Some examples:
  • All items are returnable through LSC’s industry leading return policy – which does not require a pre-authorization.
  • LSC will supply items that require LSC to make pre-payments at no additional charge – and these items are fully returnable.
  • Invoices are available online in PDF and Excel format for 2 years after shipment
  • Orders are checked against previous orders, current orders, and items in carts.  Previous order checking goes back more than 20 years.
  • Authority records for all MARC records are available at no additional charge
  • Every library has an assigned Customer Service Representative (CSR).  In addition to providing timely service, the CSR is able to handle returns, special orders, rush requests, status checks and other library needs.
  • When a library has an Automatic Release Plan (ARP) with LSC, the library is able to work directly with the LSC selector to ensure that the profile meets the library’s needs and that deliveries meet the profile.
  • As a not-for-profit, LSC is able to provide superior pricing across a wide range of titles.  LSC pricing is designed to remove any sticker shock from invoices.  Our web site reflects current list and library specific selling prices: and these are incorporated into our reporting systems.
  • LSC offers bargain books to assist in the replenishment of core library collections in a cost effective manner.  Bargain book discounts are well above the normal library discounts for selected older titles.  They are an extremely cost effective way to add depth to selected collections.
  • LSC can hold shipments for all or a portion of a library’s materials if there are unexpected events such as construction or last minute budget adjustments.
  • LSC’s Small Presses and Authors program is a service to the Canadian library and publishing community.  There are no charges to the publisher nor does LSC attempt to solicit marketing or advertising fees.


What else can we do for your library?

As a library created service, LSC is open to any new project or service that a library proposes.  As long as we can deliver value and the service is self – sustaining, we are happy to engage.  Just ask.


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