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For over 50 years, the Library Services Centre (LSC) has stood as an industry leader, serving libraries across Canada. As a not-for-profit corporation, our clients are our owners. Our primary concern is serving the current and emerging needs of our clients. Every step of the way, we are there to help.

Whether your library serves 5 million patrons or 50, we provide the same personal service and attention. Ordering materials shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming, or costly. We are focused on making sure that, if you order from the over 2.5 million titles in our catalogue, and if you want them in any state between right-out-of-the-box to shelf ready, that process is simple and fast. Items move from publisher’s crate to your shipping box with speed and accuracy, with street dates respected.


Work with your Library-assigned Customer Service Representative on returns, special orders, rush customer requests, status checks, and any other questions or concerns you may have. Speak directly to the LSC Selectors to ensure that your ARP profile meets your needs. Request a personal visit from the Library Service Representative to get training or discuss new opportunities. Work with our Cataloguing and Processing departments to discuss library-specific customization. We are all here to make sure you are successful.


Ordering items through our industry-leading website is designed to streamline the process and be as error-free as possible. Discounts are applied at the time of ordering, allowing you to manage budgets accurately and in real time. Your cart is compared against 20 years of ordering history, and duplication verification is done against all current carts and your library database.


LSC has the most generous return policy in the industry. Invoices are available in convenient formats (Excel, PDF, paper) and available for download on the website at any time. All of this is designed to make ordering simple and transparent, and saves you time.


LSC is about more than just ordering books. Behind the scenes, our team of cataloguers manually process every book that crosses our threshold, creating the highest-quality records in the industry. For many of the more than 40 world languages we deal in, original script is available.


Our superior branch-building experience, including storage and shelf readiness, promises that your materials will be delivered and shelved in the most efficient way possible. And our free-to-enroll Small Press Program provides local authors with a means of distributing their items to libraries across Canada. 


Your patrons are your focus. You are ours. If there is a service we don’t offer, ask and we’ll see what we can do. We continue to revolutionize, expand, and keep ahead of trends so that you don’t lose focus on your patrons. Together, we keep Canadian libraries a source of knowledge and innovation, and the bedrock of our communities.


Welcome to LSC, your partner in library service.


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