Library Services Centre

Branch Building / Expansion Services

For over twenty years, LSC has excelled at branch building and branch expansion. Working together with our clients, we have created some of the highest circulating branch collections in Canada.


Together with the library, we develop a profile for the new branch. Every branch is as different as the neighbourhoods they serve. Changing demographics means a “one collection fits all” approach will not work. What we put on the shelf must be as diverse and unique as the clientele.


During the selection process, we will balance tried and true favourites with new titles, to make the opening day collection as vibrant and engaging as possible. We will help manage budgets, ensuring that every part of the collection is as robust as possible, and that when the doors open, patrons can go straight to the shelf and find what they need.


A cornerstone of our branch building service is the shelf readiness of the material. Not only can the books be processed, barcoded, and linked to records preloaded into the ILS, but the books can be physically sorted and delivered in exact shelf order. Stocking is literally as easy as opening the box and putting the items directly on the shelf. This rapid placement saves significant time, and can alleviate a lot of stress in the crunch time before an opening day.


LSC understands that things beyond our control can change. We store all material on site until the building is ready to receive, saving you from having to find storage space if construction or other matters cause a delay. Opening a new branch is a long, stressful experience. LSC wants to take as much stress off of the library as possible, and make it so, when that ribbon is cut and those doors open, you are as excited as the patrons.