Library Services Centre


LSC has one of the largest cataloguing departments serving libraries in Canada, producing the highest quality MARC records in the industry.


We are not content sending out good records. We only send out great records. The difference between the two might make the difference between that item being found by a patron, and being lost in your catalogue.


Every single item that passes through LSC is catalogued by our team of experts “in hand”. Not working off a publisher description, not working from an advanced copy, but with the actual item. Our full authority control, of more than 20 years, guarantees consistency, and Canadian content is given a unique tag allowing you to customize what items your library flags as Canadian materials.


Bilingual material has a complete set of subject headings in both official languages, and multilingual material which does not use the Latin alphabet can have native language content and transliteration added in.


Our records are fully automated, and the exemplary core record can be customized to our client’s needs.


We also offer On-Order MARC records, which can be downloaded at the time of purchase, so your patrons can start placing holds on items as soon as you've ordered. These brief records act as a place holder in your system, and will be overlayed with the complete MARC record when the item is delievered. This way you lose no data, and from the patron perspective, everything is a smooth transition. 


Special Projects


LSC is about serving the needs of all libraries, and all materials. We are able to provide cataloguing to material not purchased through us. Pricing is set at a cost-recovery rate.


For more information, please contact Dale Campbell, 519-746-4420 ext 641.