Library Services Centre



LSC is proud to be the Canadian exclusive provider of all Findaway Products, including the Playaway audiobooks and the Launchpad internet-less tablets. With access to the complete line of Findaway products, these pre-loaded devices merge technology and learning, and accessibility with appealing content.


Ordering Findaway products through LSC as a single direct source means working directly with us on all matters. Canadian tax rules are applied on point of sales rebates, all invoices are in Canadian dollars, and returns can be made through us, so you don’t have to deal with cross-border hassles. And, as with all LSC products, custom physical processing is available, meaning your Findaway products can come shelf ready, to your unique specifications.


New titles are added on a monthly basis, and we can create ARPs for individual or on-going purchases. If you are not fully satisfied, you can exchange or refund your entire collection within the first 6 months. There is damage or theft protection up to 20% of the initial order cost. And, for your Opening Day collections, extra discounts are applied when meeting minimum ordering criteria.


All Findaway materials come pre-loaded with content, no personal information is needed to make use of the devices, they require no internet connection to use, and no updates are needed for continued use. Locking cases are available for extra security. Launchpads are surrounded in a heavy duty bumper case and have double tempered glass for extra durability. Kids, Teens and Adult content is available across all lines.


For more information or to obtain a sample, please contact Michael Clark or your Customer Service Representative. 


For your convenience, you can find the updated monthly Slists below.


Playaway Audiobooks Launchpad Tablets Playaway Bookpacks   Accessories
Month Slist# Month  Slist# Month Slist# Type Slist#
December 2018 40761            
November 2018 40760 November 40759        
October 2018 40476 October 2018 40477 2018 40779 Launchpads 40594
September 2018 40475 August 2018 40391        
August 2018 40474 July 2018 40042        
Winter 2018 38799 STEAM >2018 38800        
    Comics >2018 38801        
    Movies and TV >2018 38802