Library Services Centre


LSC has a nine-person board of directors.  Board members are elected to up to two three-year terms at LSC’s Annual General Meeting.  Board terms overlap so that there is continuity in board membership.


Current LSC Board


John De Groter



Rudi Denham



Deborah Duce [Vice Chair]

Huntsville Public Library


David Harvie

Woodstock Public Library


Lisa McDonough

Vaughan Public Library


Michele Melady

Toronto Public Library


Cindy Poggiaroni

Brampton Public Library


Qingyi (Ken) Su

St. Catharines Public Library


Sharron Smith [Chair]




More Information on LSC’s Board

More information about LSC’s board or joining the board can be obtained from the Secretary to the board, Michael Monahan:


Correspondence for LSC’s board should also be sent to the secretary at the address above.