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Graphic Novels




LSC offers spectacular service, uncanny content, and amazing discounts
to new, existing, or re-energized collections.


Backed by ten years of selection experience on the subject, our Graphic Novel service is designed to be the most efficient, cost-effective, and relevant to your libraries. Whether you are purchasing yourself or setting up an ARP; or if you are just ordering items, or getting full cataloguing and processing, our service provides the largest selection and best pricing. 


Standard Services

  • 40% discount, some conditions apply.
  • Includes both Western style and Japanese Manga
  • Spine labels available cuttered to series or title rather than author, for shelf consistency


Fully Customized ARPs Available

  • Review of content for suitability of age group as determined by you
  • Work with your definitions of juvenile, teen, and adult collections
  • Branch level management of series titles
  • Series tracking
  • Series backfilling
  • Holds queue management

If you would like to know more, discuss this service in greater detail, or see sample profiles, please contact Angela Stuebing, Graphic Novel Selector, 519-746-4420 ext 633.