Library Services Centre

Ordering Management

LSC’s advanced order management system improves the accuracy of both library ordering and ARP plans.



Key Features:

  • Accurate on order reports available directly from the LSC web site.

  • These reports so all titles on order, including fund allocation and after discount pricing

  • Comprehensive duplicate detection

    • Checked against all deliveries from LSC

    • Checked against all open orders

    • Checked against items in active carts

    • Checked against the library’s collection (requires access library’s database)

  • Encumbering is based on the after discount price of material

  • Publication date is used to filter budget reports to only the current fiscal year

  • Invoices are available on the LSC web site in Excel and PDF format for 2 years after delivery

  • Invoices include library assigned fund codes and can be sub-totalled using these codes

  • Monthly statements that map from library fund codes to municipal budget areas are available

  • Cancelled items are automatically removed from encumbered budgets