Library Services Centre

Processing Services

LSC offers a full range of processing services for all of the material types that it supplies.


Everything at LSC is designed to meet the library’s needs. LSC’s well-honed processes allow for high customization, exceptional pricing, and consistent high quality. Teams are assigned to libraries and cross-trained with high levels of documentation. This ensures that the same people will be handling your items every time, and this ensures consistency.


The Master Label Kit is a key example of this philosophy. All labels for an item, including our free smart barcodes, are printed on durable, barcode-quality sheets and are driven by the client’s specifications. This single label sheet greatly reduces processing time – and saves the client money – and increase the accuracy of the work.


This single sheet is automatically printed upon the arrival of an order, and conform to all aspects of the client’s desires. There is no variation, only what the client wants. Special requests can be easily handled, and changes to the specifications are as easy as asking your Client Services Representatives.


Additional processing, such as security tags, laminating, and repackaging are all available, and handled with the same care and attention. Our processing will guarantee your patrons will have the easiest time locating the items on your shelf, regardless of genre, language, or format.


Flexible Payment Options

LSC is pleased to offer an optional Fixed Price Processing Plan (FPPP).  The FPPP allows the Library to plan for almost all processing costs on an annual basis rather than a per-unit basis. This flat fee allows libraries to make substantial savings, and to track their budget with a higher degree of certainty.


The value in the LSC’s FPPP lies in both the savings of time and money to our clients. Instead of having to coordinate both an acquisitions and processing budget on every single purchase throughout the year, the FPPP allows you to set a processing budget at the start, and forget about it. Now you only have to concern yourself with purchasing new materials for your patrons.