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Selection Tools

LSC provides more access to more titles in all media formats and languages than anyone in Canada does.  Any title not found in the extensive LSC database can be added and ordered online.


Search Tools

Our industry leading title catalogue is designed for transparency and clarity. Searching over 2.5 million titles, LSC has worked hard to make ordering as simple as possible. Our limiters allow you to refine searches to enable you to quickly and efficiently find items you are looking for.


Our search results contain all relevant information on a single screen – no switching between tabs and losing your place. Immediately see formats, languages, discounts, and all other editions of the same title.


After you’ve ordered, all reports are available through our website. On Order MARC records can be downloaded directly. Invoices are available in formats convenient to you (Excel, PDF, paper), and can be subtotaled to fund codes. New orders and cancelled items are seen reflected in reports within one day of submission.


Selection Lists

LSC produces hundreds of selection lists annually, based on trends, publisher announcments, and requests from clients. If there is a topic or area you would like a list developed around, all you need to do is ask.


Additionally, paper copies of publisher's catalogues are distributed on a regualr basis. For ease of ordering, these catalogues are also available digitally as selection lists. These digital editions are organized in the same sequence as the original catalogues. 


Lists Include:

And any other type of list that is requested by an LSC client to meet their needs.



  • Books on all subject areas including small presses and self published
  • Audio books in CD, MP3, and other formats
  • Movies in DVD and Blu-ray format
  • Special handling for combo-packs to reduce cost
  • Video games on all popular platforms
  • Music CDs



  • English
  • French
  • Over 40 different world and indigenous languages