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Welcome back! It's been a long road getting back to where we can be together again. We've all been changed by what's happened, and will continue to be so for some time. But not all change is bad, and in a more digital and remote world, this is the perfect time to make some adjustments to the way things used to be. The first change: our Notables catalogue.


Last year, we set ourselves down this road, not knowing what waited for us. Jamie Quinn, Manager of Customer and Selection Services, selectors Rachel Seigel and Sara Pooley (who oversee the committees), and I sat down and discussed what changes could be made to our catalogues. What elements had you our partners, been asking for, and what elements were missing? We started off with an aesthetic and branding change. The cover design got a face-lift, and the title changed to LSC’s Notables. Still containing the Bestsellers and Solid Sellers, but under a more inclusive umbrella.


Next was the addition of scannable barcodes in the catalogues themselves. We heard from many libraries who wanted to be able to quickly *blip* an item onto their screen as they are flipping through the pages, and we couldn’t have agreed more. Over the winter we worked on the next element: colour cover images, when available (and very few weren’t). This turned out to have some challenges, but our amazing programmers were able to overcome them and had things not taken an unexpected turn in the spring, you’d have the physical results in your hand right now.


But turn, things did. And we realized that the Fall catalogues would not be a physical item. No one wants to be touching things or having things sent to them unnecessarily right now. Luckily, one of the ideas what Jamie had posited in that early discussion was creating a truly digital version of the catalogue. Not just the Slist edition of the lists, which have always been available, but a digital version that captures the visual pop of the print edition. Especially now with all the cover images. Back then, the discussion had been around our continued push towards being more environmentally friendly and sustainable. In the time of COVID, having this alternative would make up for not getting a copy into each library’s hands.


And so it is with pride and excitement that we can introduce to you the 2020 Fall Notables, for Adult and Children’s collections, via Issuu. Issuu is a terrific digital platform that allows you to experience a digital version of our print edition. Flip through the pages one at a time as though you were flipping the page with your finger. Zoom, drag and scan, and search for words within the catalogue. And, most excitingly, you can download the document as a PDF, so that you can peruse at your leisure offline. While we will eventually return to a point where future catalogues can be mailed out, we will be including the Issuu digital edition as standard moving forward. We hope you like it.


Another general note regarding title availability. Obviously, all industries have been affected by COVID, and publishing is no different. This year, the publishers have changed many publication dates. Titles that were expected to be published over the summer and into the fall have been pushed back. However, barring any further service disruptions because of the pandemic, we anticipate that the publication dates noted in this catalogue will remain accurate, giving you more peace of mind when it comes to your budgets.


This is not the end of changes you’ll see, either in response to COVID or accelerated because of it. For all the anxiety it has caused, it has also inspired a shift in the way things were. We’re so happy to have you along as we discover the way things will be. 


Issuu editions:

Adult Notables 

Children’s Notables 


Slists for the sublists:

Best Sellers YA Fiction - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers YA Non-Fiction - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Juv Non-Fic 000-499 - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Juv Non-Fic 500-599 - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Juv Non-Fic 600-699 - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Juv Non-Fic 700-999 - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Juvenile Fiction - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Board Books - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Easy Readers- Fall 2020

Best Sellers Indigenous Titles - Fall 2020

Best Sellers Hotlist- Fall 2020 

Best Seller Picture Books - Fall 2020

Best Seller Chapter Books - Fall 2020 

Best Sellers Juv & YA Audio -  Fall 2020


Adult Best Seller Fiction - Fall 2020 

Adult Best Seller Non-Fiction - Fall 2020 

Adult Solid Seller Fiction - Fall 2020 

Adult Solid Seller Non-Fiction - Fall 2020 

Adult Indigenous - Fall 2020 

Adult Continuing Series - Fall 2020 


To keep up to date with all of LSC’s latest offerings, please follow LSC on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, our YouTube Channel, and now on Issuu. We also encourage you to subscribe to the weekly Green Memo, and we hope you check back each and every week on this site for our latest musings on the publishing world.


Yours, Fictionally

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