Library Services Centre

DVDs, Video Games, and Music CDs

LSC offers a full range of AV material.  Ordering AV materials is no different than purchasing any other material through our catalogue.


Part of what makes libraries fundamental to our communities is that they serve everyone. What some patrons might view as an obsolete service might be integral to others. Even in the post-video store, streaming video culture we live in, DVDs, CDs, audio books, and video games are an important form of entertainment delivery. And libraries offer them for free.


DVDs are announced and in our system as soon as they are released in theatres, which if purchased would allow patrons to put them on hold at the height of hype. LSC receives these items in advance of street date, and ensures that the items are shipped to you ahead of the when they will be publically available, so they are available in the library the same day they are available in stores. LSC’s regular video games lists and ARP services allow a library to have a cost effective collection that keeps up with all of the popular releases.


All our AV materials is available to be repackaged for security, shelf friendliness, or durability. The case inserts can be personalized with the Library logo and barcode directly on the item, no labeling. And DVD/Blu-ray combo packs, which are often the more cost effective purchase or the only option available, can be split into two circulating items, each with a distinct On Order MARC record, MARC record and barcode, to allow for maximum budget efficiency.


All AV materials are available as ARP.


For more information, please contact Karrie Vinters 519-746-4420 ext 630.