Library Services Centre

LSC’s History

Centralized acquisition and processing services were established by the Midwestern Regional Library system (MRLS) in 1967 as the result of recommendations made in the Francis St. John report of 1966.  Member libraries of the MRLS indicated a need for such services.  The first shipment of books was made in October 1967.
The Centre purchased a computer, and the automated Acquisition System moved to the in-house computer system.  Online ordering was offered to customers for the first time.


A comprehensive review of the Processing Centre was undertaken by the Ministry of Citizenship and Culture, and made the following recommendation:

  • That the Processing Centre be established as an independent non-profit corporation, separate from the Midwestern Regional Library System.

The Midwestern Regional Library System became part of the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS).


On September 1, 1985, the Ontario Library Services Centre was established as a non-profit, non-share capital corporation.




Name was changed to The Ontario Library Centre.

LSC went live with its first website.

LSC acquired just under 4 acres of land in Kitchener with a 36,000 square foot building in place.  LSC relocated to the new building over the Christmas holidays and was fully operational on January 2, 2003.


Initially, the building was shared with a tenant until LSC’s growth required the full use of the building.

Name was changed to Library Services Centre.  Membership rules were changed to allow members from outside Ontario.


LSC Logo


LSC adopted our current logo.
LSC lauches our new website.


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