Library Services Centre

Privacy Policy

The Library Services Centre (LSC) is committed to meeting the requirements of the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and any comparable provincial legislation and regulation.

It is LSC's policy that:


  • LSC is accountable for how it collects and maintains private information. LSC’s Human Resources Director is our Privacy Officer and responsible for the full implementation of this policy and its associated procedures.

  • LSC will only collect personal information for which we have a clear business need and will only use personal information for the reason that it has been collected.

  • LSC will obtain the informed consent of the individual concerned for all personal information that we collect.

  • LSC will only collect personal information for the business reasons that we have identified.

  • LSC will only disclose personal information with the consent of the individual concerned except where required by law. We will only retain personal information when we have a need for the information.

  • LSC will act to ensure that all personal information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • LSC will protect personal information physically and ensure that only staff with a business need have access to the information. LSC will only deal with third-party service providers that also provide appropriate safeguards.

  • LSC’s Privacy Policy is a public document. It is posted for all staff and is available on LSC’s website.

  • All individuals about whom LSC has personal information will have access to this information and the ability to correct errors, except as allowed by law or where this would infringe upon the privacy of another individual.

  • Anyone who believes that LSC is failing to follow this policy in any respect may address a challenge to LSC’s Privacy Officer or Chief Executive Officer.

  • LSC has detailed procedures for the implementation of this policy. These procedures are available to all staff and, upon request, to other parties as appropriate.


Email links for the Chief Executive Officer and the Privacy Officer (HR Director) are found on the Contact Us page.