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This web site is created by the Library Services Centre (LSC). Use of the web site is subject to the terms of use as set forth below.


If you do not agree with these terms of use, you must cease to use this web site immediately.



Valid use of the LSC web site


The LSC web site exists to allow LSC clients, potential clients, and business partners to manage their actual or potential business dealings with LSC. The use of this web site by LSC clients and business partners is subject to the contracts and terms of business that exist with LSC. LSC clients and business partners may not copy or download material that is copyrighted by third parties without the prior agreement of the copyright holder.

The use of the web site by potential clients is limited to a review of LSC services during such time as the potential client is actively reviewing the use of LSC services. Information obtained from the LSC web site must be deleted in its entirety once such a review is completed.

If you are not an LSC client, potential client, or business partner:

  • you are not permitted to copy any information from the LSC web site;

  • you may not download any information from the LSC web site;

  • you may not link to the LSC web site except to the home page (

  • you must treat all information on the LSC web site as copyrighted;

  • you must not make any derivative works using any information found on the LSC web site unless you have obtained this information from sources other than the LSC web site.




All content on the LSC web site is copyrighted (c) Library Services Centre EXCEPT for information that is provided to LSC by third parties. Information provided by third parties is copyrighted by the third parties. If you believe that any information on the LSC web site infringes on your copyright please contact LSC immediately using the contact information below.


Accuracy of information


The information present on the LSC web site is believed to be accurate by LSC at the time that the information is posted on the LSC web site, however LSC is not responsible for the actual or continued accuracy of such information.


The LSC web site includes information on millions of items based on information from thousands of sources. Some but not all sources provide LSC with updates when prices or item availability changes.


Errors in the LSC database or website should be reported to LSC using the contact information below.


LSC is not liable for errors in the information on the LSC web site.


Material is not offered for sale


Material described on the LSC is not offered for sale or delivery to entities that are not LSC clients. LSC is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing services to libraries. For more information on becoming an LSC client, use the contact information below.


Governing law


The governing law for any disputes related to this web site is Ontario, Canada.


If you have any questions or concerns about any statements herein, please Contact Us.


Updated on: September 1st, 2018