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Our newly updated LSC website is now live. There are visual changes to almost every page to make the site cleaner and more usable, and a number of functional improvements and new features.


If you want to find the latest Nintendo Switch games or French nonfiction hardcovers, you can now do that from the advanced search page. Select whatever filters you want and search, no keywords required. To keep the number of results under control, you must include a date range if you don't use a keyword.

There are also some new features on the search results page. The Select to filter dropdown lets you limit the search to a single material type. For example, if you've searched for a book by author and title, you can limit that search to only paperback editions.

Any item with a Canadian author, illustrator, or subject will be identified with a flag.


Selection Lists
The Selection Lists page has been completely revamped. There are three display modes.
Display New shows all lists created within the last three months. This is the default view
Display All shows all current lists
The Filter By dropdown shows all lists of a specific type
All of these views support sorting by name, type, and date.

You can use the new Create Cart page to create a new cart from a list, or add all items from a list into an existing cart.


You can now download invoices in PDF or Excel format directly from the invoices report


The biggest change here is the new editing system. You can now make changes to multiple items in a cart with a single click. Use the Edit Rows button to open the edit panel. There is a box for every editable field. Type in the changes you want, or leave a box blank to leave that field unchanged. You can apply the edit to every item, or just the ones you've selected. If you make a mistake, use the Undo Edit button.

Also in the Carts menu is the recent orders report. On the left side is a list of all the carts you've submitted recently. Click a cart's name and the right side will show the contents of that cart and indicate which items have shipped.


All reports now use a new visual theme, for better consistency and readability. The reports menu is grouped, and you can hover over the title of any report to show a description.

The cancellations report has a new column for order date, and the outstanding orders reports now show totals.


Account Switch
You can use this control, at the top right of every page, to switch between different account numbers without having to log out and back in.

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