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As much as I hate to admit it, my family is a video game family. As much as I said I would never EVER be “that Mom” who would let their child engage in such a thing, I am that Mom. And as much as this pains me to write this, I myself, have succumbed to the world of video gaming.  Much like many other things, I blame the virus.


Mario Kart Deluxe 8My first video game console was the original Nintendo back in the late 80s. I played Tetris and Super Mario every day for months straight. Eventually I got bored of it and moved on to other kid stuff. As an adult, beyond the occasional round of Mario Kart 8, I don’t really play video games. My husband and son are a different story. They have all the games and all the consoles and it drives me crazy. Although, with the current situation, it has made life a bit less boring. And it’s actually been a good way of keeping my son connected to his friends, as he can chat with them while they play online together. Definitely a lot different than my childhood, but for now, it works.


Animal Crossing New HorizonsA few months ago, I broke down and bought myself a game. Yes, it’s true.  And even though I have to borrow my son's Switch to play the game, it’s mine, and I LOVE IT! Animal Crossings: New Horizons has been my place to escape to when I want to unwind. I just log on and head into my little island village and tend to my garden and talk to my neighbors (if I want), go fishing, and just escape. I don’t want to say how much time I’ve spent playing this, but it’s been… a lot.


As much as I’m enjoying myself right now, I still don’t think I’m a true ‘gamer’ and I’ll eventually get bored of this too, but I do get the fascination with games and can understand how people get hooked. It’s a fun way to pass the time, and right now it’s a great way to connect with other people while being socially distant.


Super Mario 3D All StarsNintendo and the Switch are celebrating Mario's 35th anniversary all year long, and have started the celebration by releasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which bundles remastered versions of the classic titles of Super Mario 64 (from 1996), Super Mario Sunshine (from 2002) and Super Mario Galaxy (from 2007). Nintendo promises lots more new and nostalgic content over the coming year. 


With the holiday season approaching, this is the time of year for the biggest, most talked about titles, as well as the new video game consoles. This year both Microsoft and Sony have new consoles releasing November 10th; the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Of course with the new consoles, there will be new games. While the PlayStation 5 is backward compatible (meaning it can play PS4 games as well), the Xbox Series X is cross-compatible.


It features something called ‘Smart Delivery’, which allows the user to get the best version of the game for the console they are playing on. This is very cool, because that means that one game will work on both consoles. The new games coming out for Xbox One and Xbox Series X are being sold as one individual disc, the ‘Smart Delivery’ feature allowing the disc to be played on either console.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold WarOne of the biggest releases for the year is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. My husband pre-ordered this title, so I’ve been able to see some of the beta gameplay. Shoot ‘em up games aren’t necessarily my thing, but I will say, the graphics have come a long way since the days of my old Nintendo. It’s amazing how real some of it looks. Pretty impressive. And great gameplay from what I’ve been told. Not for the younger gamers, the real-life violence give this game a M17+ rating.


Sackboy A Big AdventureAnother beloved series, Little Big Planet is coming back in the form of the most adorable Sackboy, in Sackboy: a Big Adventure for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. From(PCN 4050206; 4050207). Featuring a 3D platform, gamers can play solo or with their friends in Sackboy’s adorable world. This E rated game is a safe bet for families, and did I mention it’s adorable?


Cyberpunk 2077Besides these new releases for the new consoles, one of the biggest talked about titles of 2020 has to be Cyberpunk 2077. Previously postponed in both April and September, it was just announced that the release date of November 19 has been postponed yet again, with a new release date of December 10. Game developers say that delays are caused by the challenges they have faced while having to work remotely, and making the game playable across 9 separate platforms. The game does look like it will be worth the wait though, and stars Keanu Reeves as the main character.  


This is just a very short list of a longer list of titles coming out this November and December. For the full video game release list check out slist #43578.


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Happy gaming!

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